• "Last week, a half century after his first jungle excursion but still a restless wanderer, Composer Villa-Lobos turned up as guest conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, introduced to Manhattan two recent compositions: Symphony No. 8 (1950) and Concerto for Harp and Orchestra (1953).... Villa-Lobos is breathing much urban, northern-hemisphere air these days (after his U.S. concerts he is off for a Continental tour next month), but he is still breathing deeply. At week's end he was composing furiously between concerts, is half way through his Eleventh Symphony." - Time story fom the Jan. 31, 1955 issue.
  • Villa-Lobos is awarded the Richard Strauss Medal of the German Society for the Protection of Authors, Composers and Musicians.


The World

  • Death of Arthur Honneger¬†

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