Cânticos Sertanejos

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Cânticos Sertanejos, for flute, clarinet, and strings, is a work from 1907.  It was recently (November 2010) played for the first time, at the Festival Villa-Lobos, conducted by its editor, Roberto Duarte.  See this post at The Villa-Lobos Magazine for the first page of the score, and the story behind this work's re-discovery.

According to Charles Jacobs' "Villa-Lobos in His Centennial",  1987, Cânticos Sertanejos is also known as Phantasia Caracteristica, and there are in the Museu Villa-Lobos "...seventeen pages, eight in piano reduction, with occasional references to orchestration, the remainder in orchestral score but including rejected pages [sketches?]." (p. 255).


Flute, clarinet, and strings


This work was first performed on November 22, 2010, at the Festival Villa-Lobos.  The musicians at that performance were: Marcelo Bomfim (flute), Cristiano Alves (clarinet), Quarteto Rio de Janeiro (Felipe Prazeres, violin I; Gustavo Meneses, violin II; Ivan Zandonaide, viola; Marcus Ribeiro, cello), Adonhiran Reis, Flávio Santos, Thiago Lopes, Carlos Mendes and Flávia de Castro (violins), Ana Luiza Lopes (viola), Fabio Coelho (cello) and Ricardo Cândido (bass). 

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