Choros #14 (score lost)

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The score for Choros #14 is lost.

See the article on Lost Scores.

However, it seems like this did in fact once exist.  Vasco Mariz discusses it (p. 38-9):

"Choro no. 14, composed earlier in 1928, is also difficult to perform. Written for orchestra, military band, and chorus, it is perhaps the most monumental and the most violent of them all. It may be considered a synthesis of all the aesthetic elements of the series. Its harmonic and thematic complexity is prodigious, giving the impression of its having been built with enormous sound blocks. Villa-Lobos here tried writing music for chorus in quarter notes, stressing in the score an intentional dissonance with special symbols. It ends with a canonic rondo, in which each player stops playing, one after the other. The last one is the violin spala which rests on two prolonged notes, in double strings, at an interval of a minor second. They keep fading out until they vanish."


For orchestra, band & chorus.

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