The Cool Composer Challenge

O.K. Here’s the Cool Composer Challenge. Can you come up with a picture of a composer cooler than this one of Heitor? Tweet with the #coolcomposers hashtag.

 Cool Villa-Lobos

Challengers after the break.

Here are the first challengers: Igor Stravinsky and Charles Chaplin (an occasional composer himself). Thanks to Adriano Brandão for this (@adrianosbr).

Stravinsky & Chaplin

I'll add a couple of images to help get things going.

Here's Dmitri Shostakovich, from a 1942 Time Magazine cover. Cool hat!


Nothing cooler than a cigarette, at least in 1956. This is an Alfred Eisenstaedt picture of Leonard Bernstein, from the Google Life archive. © Time Inc.

 Leonard Bernstein

Here's Tom Jobim, Brazil's 2nd greatest composer, but right up there in terms of cool - an iconic photo by Otto Stupakoff

Tom Jobim



Here are some great pictures from Raphael Marsonet.  Thanks for these, Raphael!

The first is a great pic of John Cage:


And here is George Antheil, climbing the facade of the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris:


Stephan Wolpe in Berlin in 1925 - "Peace":


Finally, a couple of super-cool composers: Frank Zappa and Edgard Varese (a close friend of Villa's):

 zappa  varese