Dancas Africanas

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Danses africaines (Danses des Indiens métis du Brésil)
ou Danças características africanas (Dances caractéristiques africaines)

  • Farrapós
  • Kankukus 
  • Kankikis 

This is the orchestral version of the Danças características africanas, originally written for piano in 1914/1915.

This was one of the works featured in the 1922 Semana de Arte Moderna.  That performance was by an "otetto", so it sounds like it might have been the unpublished version for chamber ensemble - fl, cl(Bb), pf, 2vl, vla, vlc e cb - which I don't believe has been performed since the 1920s.  


Piano / Orchestra3(1flpic).3(1cor ang).3(1clB).3(1cbn) - - 3perc, 1timb, 1xylo, 1cel, 1pno, 2hp - crd  


This is one of the first scores to be published in the Villa-Lobos Digital project of the Academia Brasileira da Música.


The chamber version of this work was included in the Villa-Lobos Festival in Paris in 1930.

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