Duarte (1994)


duarte1994v2Duarte, Roberto. 1994. Revisão das obras orquestrais de Villa-Lobos 2. Niterói: EDUFF.

Duarte's 2 volume study provides guidance to conductors on the many, many errors in Villa-Lobos's orchestral scores.

In volume 2, Duarte takes a really close look at the scores of Genesis, Erosao, Amazonas, and Alvorada na Floresta Tropical.  All of his hard work and close attention to detail pays off in his superb Marco Polo disc which includes Genesis, Erosao, and Amazonas.

Volume 2 includes a valuable Catalogue of Orchestral Works (pp. 131-148), and a multilingual Glossary of Musical Terms used by Villa-Lobos (pp. 151-159), which I always keep close at hand.

Book Title: 
Revisão das Obras Orquestrais de Villa-Lobos
85-228-0096-0 (v.2)