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Erosão ("Origem do Rio Amazonas") = Erosion

Commissioned by the Louisville Orchestra.

"The composition is undeniably one of the most outstanding works of its composer, and of which he himself was particularly fond." - Tarasti (1995) , p. 367.


2pic, 2fl, 2ob, c ing, 3cl(Bb), cl baixo, 3fg, cfg, 4cor(F), 4trp(Bb), tuba, tímp, tam-tam, prato, bombo, pandeiro, xil, cel, hp, pf e cordas


Villa-Lobos, Heitor. 1955. Erosão, Sorimáo u Ipirungáua. [A origem do Rio Amazonas, Lenda amerindia (no. 1) poema sinfonico] Erosion, La soleil et la lune; Légende indienne, no 1, Les origines de l'Amazone, poème symphonique, 1950. Paris: M. Eschig.

The autograph score (78 pp.) is in the Museu Villa-Lobos.


The premiere was on 07/11/51, with the Louisville Orchestra conducted by Robert Whitney

As of Sept. 2008, there is only a single performance of this piece in the Villa-Lobos Concerts database.

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