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Written in Paris in 1929, these twelve Etudes were dedicated to Andres Segovia.


12 Etudes:

  1. Allegro non troppo - arpejos
  2. Allegro - arpejos
  3. Allegro Moderato - arpejos
  4. Un Peu Modere - acordes repetidos
  5. Andantino
  6. Poco Allegro
  7. Tres Anime
  8. Modere-Lent
  9. Tres Peu Anima
  10. Tres Anime-Vif
  11. Lent-Piu Mosso-Anime
  12. Anime-Piu Mosso Un Peu Plus Anime


Xuefei Yang plays Villa Lobos Etude No.7 

Thesis: Thompson, Robert P. 1990. French influence in the Douze etudes and related works of Heitor Villa-Lobos. Thesis (M.M.)--Ball State University, 1990.

In their book Choro: a social history, Tamara Elena Livingston-Isenhour and Thomas George Caracas Garcia discuss the influence of Chopin on the guitar etudes.

"To some degree, his guitar works also pay homage to Chopin, whose piano etudes were clearly the model for Villa-Lobos's estudos for guitar.  These are true concert etudes for the guitar and, like the Chopin works, are meant for the stage; they are not limited to the status of mere pedagogical tools.  Villa-Lobos's Estudos also represent an attempt, consciously or subconsiously, to legitimate the guitar as a concert instrument and raise it to the level of the piano..." (p. 189)


Solo guitar


Villa-Lobos, Heitor, and Andrés Segovia. 1953. Douze études = 12 estudos pour guitare. Paris: Éditions Max Eschig.

     Collected Works For Solo Guitar  By Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959). Guitar solo book for guitar. 95 pages. Published by Durand. (HL.50560932)



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The Etudes are very commonly programmed in modern guitar recitals and concerts.  The Villa-Lobos Concerts database certainly under-reports the number of concerts with at least one Villa-Lobos Etude.

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