Femina (lost score)

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The opera "Femina" doesn't appear in Villa-Lobos: Sua Obras, or in Appleby (1989).  Nor is it included any of the lists of lost scores that I've seen.  But according to Simon Wright, in his programme note for the 1989 South Bank production of Yerma,

"Villa-Lobos's earliest attempts at opera were undoubtedly influenced by his own experiences playing in works by Verdi, Puccini, Wagner, and Saint-Saens. He confessed to writing his first opera Femina (c.1908) during the intervals of these 
performances, and Suzanne Demarquez in her 1929 
study of the composer tells of this work's fate: its premiere at Rio's old Teâtro Trianon was cancelled because the company involved went bankrupt on the opening night."

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