• Villa-Lobos & Camargo Guarnieri are on hand for the inauguration of the Teatro Cultura Artística in Sao Paulo. "The inauguration was 8 and 9 March, 1950, and was headed by two of the most important Brazilian conductors and composers. Heitor Villa-Lobos and Camargo Guarnieri led the concerts which also opened that year's season of concerts, conducting the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and presenting their own musical creations." - from the Wikipedia article on the Teatro Cultura Artística
  • Villa-Lobos undergoes surgery for cancer of the bladder at Memorial Hospital in New York.  There he writes the 12th String Quartet


The World

  • Getulio Vargas is elected President of Brazil 
  • Brazil is runner-up (to Uruguay) in the World Cup tournament, hosted by Brazil

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