Fantasia Concertante for piano, clarinet and bassoon

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Written in Rio in 1953, the work is dedicated to the great pianist Eugene List.

You can listen to (and download) this work, as played by Gary Dranch, clarinet, Mitchell Vines, piano, and James Kopp, bassoon, from a recital at the Donnell Library in New York.

You can download the MP3 files from a 1972 LP from the Soni Ventorum Website.

Watch this video of the first movement of the Fantasia from a concert in Karlsruhe in April, 2009.  Aloysio Fagerlande, bassoon, Paulo Sergio Santos, clarinet, Fany Solter, piano

"We tend to associate Villa-Lobos with a free-wheeling kind of folk influence in concert music, which certainly does exist in a great deal of his music. This Fantasia, on the other hand, seems like an extension of the modern-romantic music of ... Rachmaninoff!"

Donald Thompson, Francis Schwartz, Concert life in Puerto Rico, 1957-1992: views & reviews , p. 460


Piano, clarinet, basson


Villa-Lobos, Heitor. 1956. Fantaisie concertante: pour piano, clarinette et basson. Paris: Eschig.


The premiere of this work was on November 19, 1968, with Ivy Improta, piano, Jose Botelho, clarinet, and Novel Devos, bassoon.

As of January 2011, there are nine records in the Villa-Lobos Concerts database for this work.

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