Prole do Bebê, series 2

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The second series of Prole do Bebê was written in 1921.  Less known than the first book, the second includes these pieces:

  • A Baratinha de Papel (The Paper Little Cockroach)
  • O Gatinho de Papelão (The Box-Paper Kitten)
  • O Camundongo de Massa (The Paste Mouse)
  • O Cachorrinho de Borracha (The Rubber Puppy)
  • O Cavalinho de Pau (The Wooden Little Horse)
  • O Boizinho de Chumbo (The Lead Little Bull)
  • O Passarinho de Pano (The Cloth Little Bird)
  • O Ursinho de Algodão (The Cotton Little Bear)
  • O Lobinho de Vidro (The Glass Little Wolf)


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Maria Lúcia Pascoal, "A Prole do Bebê n.1 e n.2 de Villa-Lobos: estratégias da textura como recurso composicional," full-text in Portuguese, abstract in English.




Sheetmusicplus  includes a variety of scores - from the complete books of Prole do Bebe, to individual pieces.


Both books of Prole do Bebe are included in volume 3 of Alma Petchersky's complete piano series on ASV.  Likewise, Joanna Brzezinska-Maurer plays both series on her VL piano disc.  Sonia Rubinsky plays the second book in volume 2 of her complete series on Naxos. 


The complete series of both books of Prole do Bebe show up in concert fairly often on the Villa-Lobos Concerts database.  More commonly, though, pianists will program the first or second suite separately, or add one or two pieces to their concert program for variety.

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