Choros #13 (score lost)

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The score to Choros #13 is lost.

See the article on Lost Scores

However, it seems like this did in fact once exist.  Vasco Mariz discusses it (p. 38):

"Choro No. 13, also written in 1929, for two orchestras and military band, has its principal theme vertically harmonized in free canon. This work, which at the start presents a classical aspect, is suddenly assailed by an orgy of sounds, rhythms, and tone colors at the military band's attack point. There, the two orchestras become mere accompanists of the military band, the first taking over the high scale and the second performing the low notes. Once these agitated and colourful measures are ended, a new atmosphere of percussion sounds begins with the assistance of native Brazilian instruments. Surprisingly, Choro No. 13 ends in a pianissimo by the string quintets of the two orchestras."


For two orchestras and band.

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