Sexteto mistico = Sextuor mystique

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Sexteto mistico = Sextuor mystique

The history of this piece is complicated.  Villa-Lobos re-wrote the lost score of this work from memory in 1955.  At that time he remembered that it was originally written in 1917.   The work still sounds typical of the modernist period to me, though perhaps with a more mature sense of control.   Lisa M. Peppercorn explains all of this in her article "Villa-Lobos Ben Trovato", Tempo, New Series, No. 177 (Jun., 1991), pp. 32-39.  Peppercorn believes that the original work may have come from the early 1920s.

Here's a video of the last part of a Brazilian performance of the Sexteto, from the Festival da Música Erudita em Jaraguá do Sul:

Miscelânea 07 - Música de Câmara Brasileira - this podcast episode features a performance of Sexteto mistico.

This excerpt from the DVD "Quadros de uma Alma Brasileira" includes a complete version of the work.


Guitar, flute, oboe, saxophone, celeste, harp

  • Villa-Lobos, Heitor. 1957. Sextuor mystique. Sexteto mistico. Pour flûte, hautbois, saxophone alto mi♭, guitare, célesta et harpe. Paris: M. Eschig.

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