Caixinha de musica quebrada

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Caixinha de musica quebrada = The broken little music box

Prof. Tarasti tells this story about the piece:

"... on a train bound for Sorocabana, in the oppressive tropical heat, Joao Souza Lima suggested that Villa-Lobos compose something for him sometime.  The composer immediately took out some paper and between two stations wrote the piano piece Caixinha de musica quebrada, dedicating it to the pianist."

Tarasti (1995), p. 56


Piano solo


Villa-Lobos, Heitor. 1948. Caixinha de musica quebrada = The broken little music box: for piano. New York: Villa-Lobos Music Corp.


This clever little piece deserves to be played more often.  Two recent performances by Fred Sturm in Albuquerque are the only records in the Villa-Lobos database as of January 2013.

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