Lieberson, Goddard (1911-1977)

The president of Columbia Records from 1956, Lieberson became a close friend of the composer and Mindinha.

"Of all my musical memories, my visit to Brazil at the invitation of Villa-Lobos stands out and stays with me...  Villa-Lobos was an extraordinary man; really, a delightful and charming mystic.  He loved his country and its cultural mix.  African music, and especially the music of Bahia, fascinated him."

Goddard Lieberson, quoted in Willie Ruff's A Call to Assembly: The Autobiography of a Musical Storyteller, Penguin, 1991.

Lieberson was involved in Columbia Records' 1952 recording of the Villa-Lobos commissions from the Louisville Orchestra.

The Lieberson archives in the Music Library of Yale University include his correspondence with Villa-Lobos.