Terán, Tomás

Tomás Terán was a pianist who became a close friend of Villa-Lobos's.  The composer dedicated Choros #08 to Terán, who played one of the two pianos at the premiere.  He also dedicated the first movement of Bachianas Brasileiras #4 to the Spanish pianist.  Terán introduced Villa-Lobos to Segovia in Paris in 1923.

"Terán, a Spanish pianist, came to Brazil at the age of twenty-seven because of his fascination with the work of Villa-Lobos, in particular the suite A prole do bebe, which he had heard played by Arthur Rubinstein in Buenos Aires. He became a specialist in Villa-Lobos, whom he met in Paris in 1924. He returned to Europe and played Villa-Lobos's works in Paris. In the early '30s the Brazilian composer invited him to teach at the Conservatorio de Musica and the Sociedade de Cultura Artistica do Rio de Janeiro, and he accepted the invitation."

- Imagining Brazil, by Jessé Souza & Valter Sinder, p. 255.

In the beautiful prose of Alejo Carpentier (quoted in "Heitor Villa-Lobos and the Parisian art scene: how to become a Brazilian musician", Paulo Renato Guérios, Mana, v.1, Oct. 2006, p. 19)

"Sunday afternoon. In the studio of Villa-Lobos [...] the admirable pianist Tomás Terán sits at the piano. He prestigiously plays one of Villa-Lobos's Cirandas suites... And the formidable voice of America, with its wild rhythms, its primitive melodies, its contrasts and shocks which evoke humanity's childhood, sounds forth in the heat of a summer afternoon, through a music of the utmost refinement and actuality."

Terán was one of the soloists at the famous Salle Gaveau concert in Paris in 1927. Later in life, he taught the young Tom Jobim.

In 1923 Terán gave Villa-Lobos a guitar on which Villa-Lobos wrote the Etudes. See this article by Andy Summers.

[picture of Terán above is from the Museu Villa-Lobos]