Braga, Francisco (1868-1945)

Antônio Francisco Braga was a prominent Brazilian composer, and an early supporter of Villa-Lobos:

"Francisco Braga, an influential Brazilian composer and conductor, who believed in the greatness of Villa-Lobos, decided to appeal to the patriotic feeling of the government for financial help. On December 5, 1920, he circulated the following statement: 'Heitor Villa-Lobos possesses an enormous musical talent. Amazingly productive, he has written works of merit, many of them of the most original quality. He is not only a promise, but an affirmation. I believe that the Nation will be proud some day of such a son." This testimonial precipitated a debate in the Chamber of Deputies and on July 22, 1922, a sum of 40,000 cruzeiros was voted to enable Villa-Lobos to present concerts of his music."

Nicolas Slonimsky, "Heitor Villa-Lobos: A Visit", Musical America, Oct. 10, 1941