Saudade da Juventude

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A "symphonic divertimento", based on tunes from the Guia pratico. The score says "1st Suite", but as is so common with Villa-Lobos, that doesn't imply that there's a 2nd (because there isn't).

  1. Vida Formosa
  2. Ó Ciranda, Ó Cirandinha
  3. A Gatinha Parda
  4. Ó Sim
  5. Mando Tiro, Tiro Lá
  6. Condessa
  7. Nesta Rua
  8. A Cotia
  9. Na Corda da Viola
  10. De Flor em Flor

From the New York Philharmonic Digital Archives, the composer's program notes:



pic, 2fl, 2ob, c ing, 2cl(Bb), sax alto, 2fg, 4cor, trp(C), 2trb, tuba, tímp, prato, bombo, surdo, tambor, reco-reco, triângulo, coco, pandeiro, chocalho e cordas


Published by AMP in 1948.

Andre Kostelanetz's marked-up score can be seen in the New York Philharmonic Digital Archives.



I've never come across a recording or any recent live performances, even though the parts are available for hire from Schirmer.


Premiere: 18/6/50, Recife - Teatro Santa Isabel. Festival Villa-Lobos. Orquestra Sinfônica do Recife; Heitor Villa-Lobos, conductor

2/11/57: New York Philharmonic, conducted by André Kostelanetz

In October 2011 TVCultura broadcast an OSESP concert conducted by Eleazar de Carvalho that included this work. There was no indication of the original date (de Carvalho died in 1996).

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