1945 - a busy year!


  • VL continues his first American trip.
  • Villa in New York: see Talk of the Town 1945, and 1945 Again!
  • January 28: Chamber music concert & reception at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  Deux Choros (bis), piano solos, songs, Piano trio #2.
  • February 8/9: VL conducts Choros 8 & 9 at the Philharmonic Symphony Society in New York.
  • February 12/13: VL conducts the New York City Symphony Orchestra in Uirapuru & BB#7 (shared concert with Leopold Stokowski).
  • February: VL conducts the Boston Symphony Orchestra in three concerts.  Choros #12 (world premiere at the February 23 concert), BB#7, Rudepoema.
  • February: VL concert at the University of Chicago.
  • February: VL returns to Rio de Janeiro.
  • July 14, 1945: VL founds the Brazilian Academy of Music.


The World

  • Death of the founder of Brazilian modernism, Mario de Andrade
  • Death of Anton Webern, Bela Bartok, Jerome Kern
  • Getulio Vargas resigns as President of Brazil
  • First TV network in Brazil: TV Tupi

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