• Villa in New York: Magdalena opens on Broadway.  The show closes after 80 performances.  See Thomas George Caracas Garcia (2004), "American Views of Brazilian Musical Culture: Villa-Lobos's Magdalena and Brazilian Popular Music", The Journal of Popular Culture 37 (4), 634–647.
  • September: Villa & Arminda spend three days at the Connecticutt farm of sculptor Sally Ryan.   The story of the visit is told by Ralph Gustafson in "Villa-Lobos and the Man-Eating Flower: A Memoir", The Musical Quarterly, Vol. 75, No. 1 (Spring, 1991), pp. 1-11.  "On a rainy afternoon we played Chinese checkers together, at which he cheated with joyful innocence." [Photo of Sally Ryan in 1945 by Alfredo Vallente, © Smithsonian Archives of American Art]
  • Villa-Lobos is elected a corresponding member of the Institute of France, replacing Manuel de Falla



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