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Lisa M. Peppercorn is one of the great Villa-Lobos scholars.  Her recent book The Villa-Lobos Letters is indispensible.  Order it direct from Toccata Press, from the U.K. Amazon.com, or from your local bookseller..  It's available in hardcover (ISBN 0 907689 28 0; £19.50) or paperback (ISBN 0 907689 29 9). 
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One of my favourite Villa-Lobos studies is Eero Tarasti's Heitor Villa-Lobos: The Life and Works, 1887-1959.  This book was published in its original Finnish in 1987, and published by MacFarland in an English translation by the author in 1995. 
There are a few dissertations written about the music of Villa-Lobos that deserve close attention.  These are some that stand out, taken from Indiana University School of Music's Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology Online

Enyart, John William. The Symphonies of Heitor Villa-Lobos. Ph.D., Theory, University of Cincinnati, 1984. Research director: Darrell Handel DDM Code: 71oqEnyJ.  With the upcoming flurry of symphonies on CD, this dissertation may become quite popular. 

Farmer, Virginia. An Analytical Study of the Seventeen String Quartets of Villa-Lobos. 
D.M.A., Performance, University of Illinois, 1973. 135 p. DDM Code: 71chFarV; DA no.: 34/01:352; RILM no.: 76:10923dd; UM no.: 73-17,533. 

Rust, Roberta. Piano Works from Heitor Villa-Lobos' Middle Period: A Study of Choros No. 5, Bachianas brasileiras No. 4, and Ciclo brasileiro. D.M.A., Piano, University of Miami, 1991. vi, 134 p. tbls., mus. exs., bibliog. 
DDM Code: 71keRusR.  Roberta Rust has since recorded this repertoire, and much else by Villa-Lobos. 

Wright, Simon J. Villa-Lobos and His Position in Brazilian Music After 1930. Ph.D., Musicology, University of Wales at Cardiff, 1986. DDM Code: 71boWriS.  Simon Wright went on, of course, to write one of the standard volumes, his 1992 Oxford University Press Villa-Lobos

And this dissertation may be of some interest as well: 

Saldarriaga-Ruiz, Juanita Susana. The Fifty Ponteios for Piano of Camargo Guarnieri. 
D.M.A., Performance, American Conservatory of Music, 1991. 166 p. mus. exs., append., bibliog. Research director: Enrique Alberto Arias DDM Code: 71keSalJ

Here are a number of other important or interesting books that I've been consulting lately: 
    Rubinstein, Arthur. My many years. New York, Knopf, 1980.
    An engaging memoir of the famous pianist, then 93 years old. Rubinstein was an important interpreter of Villa Lobos' piano music, and a champion of his music in Latin America and around the world. 

    Copland, Aaron. Copland on music. New York, Norton, 1963.
    A compilation of articles Copland wrote in the '40s and '50s, including the important article "The composers of South America: 1941." 

      "One afternoon in 1923 I was introduced to a short and dynamic individual at the Paris apartment of my composition teacher, Nadio Boulanger. Someone told me that this gentleman with the dark complexion and the fiery eyes was a composer from Brazil by the name of Heitor Villa-Lobos. This was the first inkling I had that there might be such a thing as Latin American music." - p. 203
And a new (1996) book of early Villa-Lobos piano music from Dover: "an original compilation of scores from various authoritative editions." ISBN 0-486-29384-X. List price is $10.95. Contained in this book: 
    Segunda Suite Infantil 
    Dancas Caracteristicas Africanas 
    Suite Floral 
    Prole de Bebe, vol. 1 
    Simples Coletanea 
    Historias da Carochinha 
    Carnaval das Criancas


The following bibliography was developed from a Browse search of books catalogued at the Library of Congress since 1975:

Subject Search For: Villa-Lobos, Heitor / Items 1 - 35 of 35

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ITEM 11.
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ITEM 12.
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ITEM 13.
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ITEM 14.
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ITEM 23.
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ITEM 24.
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ITEM 25.
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ITEM 26.
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ITEM 27.
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ITEM 28.
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ITEM 29.
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ITEM 30.
CALL NUMBER: ML410.V76 K53 1981
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ITEM 31.
CALL NUMBER: ML410.V76 P7 1977
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ITEM 32.
AUTHOR: Brazil. Ministerio da Educacao e Cultura. Divisao de Educacao Extra-Escolar.
TITLE: Homenagem a Villa-Lobos.
PUBLISHED: 1960 Rio de Janeiro, 1960.

ITEM 33.
AUTHOR: Franca, Eurico Nogueira.
TITLE: A evolucao de Villa-Lobos na musica de camera /
PUBLISHED: 1976 [Rio de Janeiro] : Museu Villa-Lobos, 1976.

ITEM 34.
AUTHOR: Santos, Turibio.
TITLE: Heitor Villa-Lobos e o violao /
PUBLISHED: 1975 Rio de Janeiro : Museu Villa-Lobos, 1975.

ITEM 35.
AUTHOR: Nobrega, Adhemar.
TITLE: Os choros de Villa-Lobos /
PUBLISHED: 1975 Rio de Janeiro : Museu Villa-Lobos, 1975.

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