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Heitor Villa-Lobos : The Life and Works, 1887-1959
    by Eero Tarasti 

    Eero Tarasti's work is my favourite of the recent major studies.

Hardcover List: $45.00 -- Price: $45.00 Published by McFarland & Co Publication date: June 1995 ISBN: 0786400137 
Corydon Singers, Corydon Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Best. Sacred Music. HYPERION CDA66638, 1992/3.
    Missa São Sebastião
    Bendita Sabedoria
    Cor Dulce, Cor Amabile
    Sub Tuum Praesidium
    Ave Maria
    Pater Noster
Hyperion CD - Villa Lobos Sacred Music
The World of Villa-Lobos in Pictures and Documents
    by Lisa M. Peppercorn 

    This long-awaited book was published in late 1996.  It contains a wealth of detail, with many interesting pictures and some new insights into the life of Villa-Lobos.

Hardcover List: $68.95 -- Price: $68.95 Published by Scolar Pr Publication date: December 1996 ISBN: 185928261X 
    by Lisa Peppercorn 

    An earlier, standard one-volume study by Lisa Peppercorn.

Hardcover List: $27.95 -- Price: $27.95 Published by Beekman Pub Publication date: June 1989 ISBN: 0711916888 
Villa-Lobos : Collected Studies by L.M. Peppercorn
    by Lisa Margaret Peppercorn
    This book collects many of Ms. Peppercorn's articles, in three or four languages, from various musical and general periodicals. Contains lots of interesting articles.
Hardcover List: $62.95 -- Price: $62.95 Published by Scolar Pr Publication date: July 1992 ISBN: 0859679063
Heitor Villa-Lobos: The Search for Brazil's Musical Soul
    by Gerard Behague
    An important recent work.
Paperback List: $16.95 -- Price: $16.95 Published by Univ of Texas Pr Publication date: November 1, 1994 Dimensions (in inches): 8.95 x 6.05 x .65 ISBN: 0292708238
A History of Brazil
    by E. Bradford Burns 

    This is the standard text, in an economical paper format.

3rd Edition Paperback, 579 pages List: $24.50 -- Price: $24.50 Published by Columbia Univ Pr Publication date: September 1993 Dimensions (in inches): 8.92 x 5.85 x 1.50 ISBN: 0231047495
Heitor Villa-Lobos
    by David P. Appleby 

    Abbleby's "bio-bibliography" is another of the fairly recent English studies - it's really quite surprising there have been so many!

Hardcover List: $59.95 -- Price: $59.95 Published by Greenwood Pub Group Publication date: March 1988 ISBN: 0313253463 
Villa-Lobos (Oxford Studies of Composers)
    by Simon Wright 

    The last of the major recent English studies, available in hardcover and paperback. Very highly recommended.

Hardcover, 146 pages List: $55.00 -- Price: $55.00 Published by Oxford Univ Pr (Short Disc) Publication date: April 1, 1992 Dimensions (in inches): 8.83 x 5.65 x .59 ISBN: 0193154765 

Paperback, 146 pages List: $24.00 -- Price: $24.00 Published by Oxford Univ Pr (Short Disc) Publication date: April 1, 1992 Dimensions (in inches): 8.50 x 5.48 x .43 ISBN: 0193154757 

Villa-Lobos Conducts Villa Lobos/6 Cds 
    This is "Villa-Lobos par lui-meme," featured in the first CD of the Month on this website. This is an absolute necessity for the serious Villa Lobos fan, and an excellent introduction to the master's orchestral music. Contains the following works:
    • Descombrimento do Brasil (4 Suites).
    • Invocacao em defesa da Patria.
    • Bachianas Brasileiras 1-9.
    • Choros No. 2, 5, 10, 11.
    • 2 Choros (bis) for violin & cello.
    • Momoprecoce (fanasia for piano & orchestra.)
    • Piano concerto no. 5.
    • Symphony no. 4 "A Vitoria."
Cd Edition Audio CD List: $44.98 -- Price: $44.98 Publication date: April 1991 ISBN: 6302031605
Villa-Lobos par lui-meme - album cover
Piano Music
    by Heitor Villa-Lobos 

    This excellent compilation of early piano music includes Prole do Bebê 1, Danças Caracteristicas Africanas and Carnival das Crianças.  Pianists used to paying the very high prices for Eschig editions will be pleased to see how reasonable this (public domain?) music is in the usual sturdy Dover edition.

Paperback List: $12.95 -- Price: $11.65 -- You Save: $1.30(10%) Published by Dover Pubns Publication date: December 1, 1996 ISBN: 048629384X
Brazil : Empire and First Republic, 1822-1930 (Cambridge History of Latin America) 
    by Leslie Bethell
Paperback, 353 pages List: $19.95 -- Price: $19.95 Published by Cambridge Univ Pr (Pap Txt) Publication date: August 1989 Dimensions (in inches): 8.97 x 5.99 x .68 ISBN: 0521368375
Colonial Brazil (Cambridge History of Latin America)
    by Leslie Bethell (Editor) 

    Another of the very highly recommened Cambridge History series, in an inexpensive paper format.

Paperback, 398 pages List: $19.95 -- Price: $19.95 Published by Cambridge Univ Pr (Pap Txt) Publication date: August 1987 Dimensions (in inches): 9.05 x 6 x .78 ISBN: 0521349257
The Brazilians
    by Joseph A. Page's synopsis: "The most informed and meticulous study of the alluring paradoxes and extremes that characterize Brazilian culture. In The Brazilians, Page, author of the bestselling Peron, conjures a definitive portrait of "Brazilness" by distinguishing between the many opposing faces of Brazilian society."

Hardcover, 540 pages List: $27.50 -- Price: $24.75 -- You Save: $2.75(10%) Published by Addison-Wesley Pub Co Publication date: June 1, 1995 Dimensions (in inches): 9.60 x 6.44 x 1.67 ISBN: 0201409135 
Why Is This Country Dancing : A One-Man Samba to the Beat of Brazil
    by John Krich's synopsis: "Music echoes on every page of this superb portrait of South America's most diverse country, by the author of El Beisbol and Music in Every Room. This remarkable book is both a vivid look at a vast land, where the cult of pleasure lives side by side with grinding poverty, and the first in-depth study of the music and musicians of the most musical country on Earth."

Hardcover, 319 pages List: $22.00 -- Price: $19.80 -- You Save: $2.20(10%) Published by Simon & Schuster Publication date: February 1, 1993 Dimensions (in inches): 8.74 x 5.82 x .98 ISBN: 067176814X
Musica Brasileira : A History of Popular Music and the People of Brazil
    by Claus Schreiner
Hardcover List: $35.00 -- Price: $35.00 Published by Marion Boyars Publication date: September 1993 ISBN: 071452946X 
Green Mansions
    by W. H. Hudson 

    This classic novel, written by William Henry Hudson (1841-1922) is the source for the 1959 MGM film of the same name that Villa Lobos wrote music for. also has a number of paperback editions available.  As well, Green Mansions is in the public domain, so it appears on various electronic text compendiums, including the indispensible Project Gutenberg.

Hardcover List: $21.95 -- Price: $21.95 Published by Buccaneer Books Publication date: May 1, 1996 Dimensions (in inches): 8.75 x 5.67 x .70 ISBN: 0899663745 
    by Mario De Andrade 

    The classic novel by the great Brazilian folklorist and modernist, written in 1928, finally published in English translation in 1988. 

    From the author's preface: "What interested me in Macunaima, was without doubt just to reveal as much as possible the national individuality of the Brazilians. However, I had to notice one thing which seems to me to be sure: a Brazilian does not have a character..."

Paperback List: $34.95 -- Price: $34.95 Published by Univ of Michigan Pr Publication date: December 1988 ISBN: 8570280076 
Black Orpheus
    directed by Marcel Camus 

    This film from 1959 introduced Antonio Carlos Jobim's music to the world. It's a fine film in its own right: a powerful story (Orpheus and Eurydice) told in an atmospheric, mysterious way.

Vhs Video Edition VHS In Portuguese with English subtitles. Tape List: $29.99 -- Price: $29.99 Published by Baker & Taylor Video Publication date: December 1993 ISBN: 6302784980

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