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November, 2004:

Please note that the Villa-Lobos Website is no longer being updated.

This resource will remain on the RDPL server.

Here are some web-sites relating to Latin American culture: the visual, literary & performing arts, and general sites relating to scholarship, travel and history.

Music of Latin America

1K GIF: LAMC LogoCheck out the Latin American Music Center for information on music and musicians in South and Central America.

música OBJETIVA is a marvelous classical music website from Brazil.  This site also hosts the Dicionário da Música Brasileira, which is becoming a very useful resource.

The Brazilian Music Collection of The University of Akron Bierce Library has an excellent web-site, managed by Professor James Ryon.  The collection is dedicated to the memory of Walter Burle Marx, Brazilian composer/ conductor/pianist, whose entire opus was contributed to the collection in 1997.  Burle Marx conducted many important Villa-Lobos concerts in New York in the late 1950's.  The Collection is searchable on the web.  This is a valuable North American resource for serious Villa-Lobos scholars.

Brazilian Orchestras on the Web

Juracy Cardoso e Claudia Ribeiro Sales has a useful website with links to Brazilian Orchestra websites, including:

A. Carlos Gomes

Gomes was a 19th century Brasilian opera composer admired by Verdi.

Ernesto Nazareth

A page on the Ragtime Website is Ernesto Nazareth, with information about the composer of Choros, who lived from 1863 to 1934, and who was a major influence on Villa-Lobos.

See the Ricardo Peres page on this server for information on his new CD which includes music by Ernesto Nazareth.

Brazilian Music Up To Date - an excellent web version of this important magazine about Brazilian popular music. The site includes reviews of classical CD's as well - the picture on the left is the cover of a recently-reviewed Guarnieri Piano Concerto CD.


Yaih? is a Yahoo!-like search engine and hierarchical map of the Brazilian and Latin American World Wide Web, which is now a pretty big place.

3K GIF: Brasil Web LogoBrasil Web is one of the best links on the WWW to online resources in Brasil. Other important cultural sites include:

1K GIF: Brasilian Flag USENET Newsgroups can be an excellent source of current information.  Try soc.culture.brazil. Other newsgroups to consider:

There are three listserv's (mailing lists) I'm reading regularly that I find very useful:


Astor Piazzolla

3K GIF: Picture of Piazzolla

The modern master of the tango from Argentina has a big following on the Internet. Here are the most important of the WWW resources:

Astor Piazzolla Home-Page. Colm O'Riain's super web-site with some marvellous sound files.

Astor Piazzolla Discography. Cesar Luongo's excellent site has a very nearly comprehensive discography of this great Argentine composer and performer.

Just before he died, Piazzolla gave an interview given in Chile. Here's a little bit:

Alberto Ginastera

Argentina's great composer Alberto Ginastera lived from 1916-1983, and his music is currently enjoying a fairly high level of interest around the world. The Fundacion Ostinato's mandate to "disseminate the works and ideas of Argentina classical music composers" is being fulfilled through an excellent website which includes some information on Ginastera, as well as the production of CDs and the promotion of concerts.

See the Ricardo Peres page on this server for information on his new CD which includes Ginastera's Piano sonata no. 1.

3K GIF: National Library of Argentina LogoThe National Library of Argentina site contains information about Argentine culture, as well as some marvellous sound files of representative Argentine composers Alberto Ginastera, Mariano Mores, Luis Gianneo and Astor Piazzolla.


Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) was a great poet, essayist and writer of Ficciones (and National Librarian of Argentina).

8K GIF: Borges Centre LogoThe most important Borges sites is the Jorge Luis Borges Centre, maintained by The Jorge Luis Borges Center for Studies & Documentation at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. The site is mirrored at the Libyrinth, a website in the United States. The Libyrinth is "a project devoted to the work of twentieth century authors who share a sense of exploration for their medium of language, and a love for pushing the borders of reality into fantastic and wonderful new shapes." The section of the Libyrinth devoted to Jorge Luis Borges is called The Garden of Forking Paths.

A new site in both English & Spanish is Internetaleph, Martin Hadis' site on The Life & Works of Jorge Luis Borges.

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