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November, 2004:

Please note that the Villa-Lobos Website is no longer being updated.

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"In 1961 a Villa-Lobos Museum, under the direction of the composer's widow, Arminda Villa-Lobos, was set up in Rio de Janeiro; its activities include the conservation of manuscripts and documents, the publication of books and discs, and the organization of annual festivals and competitions." From Luiz Heitor Correa de Azevedo's article on Villa-Lobos in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 1980, v. 19:763-767. 
The Museu Villa-Lobos has a new (September 16, 1996) website, which is now (July, 1997) available in English as well as Portuguese. The website includes "Um Pouco da Música de Villa-Lobos," some WAV and MIDI sound files. 
Below are some photos sent by Boston-based Villa-Lobos fan futura, who provides this commentary:

"i'm crazy about brasil and have gone many (but not enuff) times. the villa-lobos museum is about two blocks from my friend's house in the botafogo section of rio de janeiro, and after passing it on previous trips i finally ventured in recently.

"so i pass on these fotos for your enjoyment."

Thanks, futura!

Train portrait
Rua Sao Clemente
An interesting article is D. Appleby's "A visit to the Villa-Lobos Museum." American Music Teacher, 25:24, 1976.  

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