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November, 2004:

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This bibliography of mainly English articles is organized with the most recent articles first. It shows the ebb and flow in the reputation of Villa-Lobos. The centennial of Villa-Lobos' birth in 1987 brought a welcome resurgence in the Villa-Lobos literature that seems not to be slowing down.

As so often happens, there was little interest in the period following the composer's death in 1959. From the obituaries and tributes of 1959 and 1960 through the 70's the literature is pretty thin. It is depressing to go through the volumes of Music Index in the 70's and see more articles on The Village People (as fine a disco group as they were) than on Villa-Lobos. Luckily, the Villa-Lobos Centennial of 1987 brought new interest.

References are being added; please let me know if you have any to contribute.  A new source is UCLA's HAPI online, the searchable Web version of the Hispanic American Periodicals Index.

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    This is a lovely article by someone who knew Villa-Lobos well; it's sprinkled with many witty and probably deliberately-provocative quips by Villa-Lobos. As Gustafson says, "He was full of experienced wisdom." Some examples:

    "Night is good for music. Music is abstract."

    "Italian is the best language for song; German is bad - it is lodged at the back of the throat, for instance 'heilige Nacht'! English is good, as there is a strong accent in the words... The worst language ... is Portuguese!"

    "My music is natural, like a waterfall."

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