Heitor Villa-Lobos Website: Aims & Rationale

The Villa-Lobos Website: Aims and Rationale

November, 2004:

Please note that the Villa-Lobos Website is no longer being updated.

This resource will remain on the RDPL server.



This site is designed and maintained by Red Deer Public Library, and runs on the Library's WWW servers at http://www.rdpl.org/villa. It has three aims: 
  • To celebrate and promote the music of Heitor Villa-Lobos, the great master of Brazilian music, who expressed through his music the "soul" of his country: "Alma Brasileira."
  • To market RDPL's CD Dance of the White Indian, produced as a fund-raising and promotional project in cooperation with the pianist Ricardo Peres.
  • To provide for the Library real-life and real-time experience in website development and promotion, and global Internet marketing.
  • In pursuit of the first objective, the site at present falls somewhere between a "fan page" and something more rigorously scholarly. Our expertise as librarians is, of course, in the organization of information; we plan to develop as comprehensive a bibliography - monographic and periodical - as possible (comprehensive at least in the English literature.) These resources will eventually be maintained in a database on the web-server, with access using Z39.50 forms. As well, we hope to provide a complete discography, as well as relevant, accurate and up-to-date links to high-quality Internet-based resources. 
    As the website evolves to become a useful resource to Villa-Lobos scholars as well as Villa-Lobos enthusiasts, you can expect more works of art along the lines of Mark Frutkin's marvellous poem Villa Lobos Lugs His Cello Through the Amazon Jungle. You can look forward as well to specialized articles by experts, the first of which will be a discussion by Ricardo Peres of Villa-Lobos' relationship to the regime of the Brazilian dictator Vargas in the 1930's and 40's. We want to utilize the multi-media capabilities of the World-Wide Web, with music clips in various popular formats as well as many graphics. This website will someday soon evoke the sights and sounds of Villa-Lobos' Amazon jungle of the 20's, Rio de Janeiro in the 30's, or Paris in the 50's. 
    Judging how well we meet our second objective will be easy: The Dance of the White Indian is an excellent product, complete with rave reviews of its content and presentation. Sales of the CD will indicate just how effective the Internet can be in selling products to various niche markets. 
    Dean Frey 
    Red Deer Public Library 
    February, 1997

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