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November, 2004:

Please note that the Villa-Lobos Website is no longer being updated.

This resource will remain on the RDPL server.


Thanks to MP3, streaming audio and the proliferation of tools to listen to music on the web, it is so much easier to hear excellent music from around the world.  This page will point to stations that play music by Villa-Lobos, his contemporaries from Brazil and the rest of the world, and from the musicians who have been influenced by the great Brazilian master.

It's unfortunate that the Villa-Lobos stations on Live365 and Radio Sonicnet are no longer available.

Classical music radio on the web has changed greatly since the early days (1996)of this website.  There are many excellent stations that are now available world-wide.  Most exciting for the Villa-Lobos lover is the FM service of Radio MEC, the classical station of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.  To listen to Radio MEC in ReadAudio, click here.  Radio MEC's Internet feed hasn't been too reliable of late.
Another classical music station from Brazil is Cultura FM from Sao Paulo.  Their detailed schedule is on the web, and it contains some tantalizing programs: concerts and Brazilian recordings of Villa-Lobos and other Brazilian classical composers.  Cultura FM may be hearable outside of Brazil, on shortwave at 6070 kHz, and is now available on the Internet with the Windows Media Player.
My vote for the greatest classical music station in the world is the BBC's Radio 3.  The excellent Radio 3 website contains features and a complete schedule of the day's broadcasts.  Radio 3's RealAudio stream is very reliable, and sounds great.
The classical music network of Radio France is France Musiques, which plays Villa-Lobos CDs and concerts regularly.  Program listings are here. France Musiques logo

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