Suite for strings

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Suite para quinteto dupio de cordas (3), for double string quintet (or string orchestra)

  • Tímida
  • Misteriosa 
  • Inquieta 

Double string quintet


The work is published by Eschig.  Here is the information from their Villa-Lobos Catalogue:Suite pour orchestre à cordes ou Suíte para quintetoduplo de cordas (Suite pour double quintette à cordes)ou Suíte característica para instrumentos de cordas(Suite caractéristique pour instruments à cordes)(1912-1913)● Tímida● Misteriosa● Inquietapour 4 violons, 2 altos, 2 violoncelles et 2 contrebassesdurée : 18 min.première audition : 31.07.1915, Rio de Janeiro,Orquestra da Sociedade de Concertos Sinfônicos,Francisco Braga (dir)ME 8351


Premiere: 31.07.1915, Rio de Janeiro, Orquestra da Sociedade de Concertos Sinfônicos, Francisco Braga (dir)The Suite is one of the featured works in the Fall 2008 Marsalis Brasilianos tour.  [Actually, no - it seems to have been replaced on the program with BB#9.]  As of October 2008, there are 27 records in the Villa-Lobos Concerts database.

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