Important people in the life of Villa-Lobos

Gonzaga, Chiquinha (1847-1935)

Francisca Edwiges Neves Gonzaga, known as "Chiquinha Gonzaga", was a Brazilian composer and feminist pioneer.

See this post in The Villa-Lobos Magazine for Chiquinha Gonzaga's appearance in Jô Soares' novel A Samba for Sherlock.

Champagne, Claude (1891-1965)

Canadian composer and music educator, a friend of Villa-Lobos.  Champagne and Villa-Lobos shared visits to Rio de Janeiro and Montreal in the 1940s and 1950s. 

See this story about Champagne and Villa-Lobos.

Marx, Walter Burle (1902-1991)

Brazilian composer/conductor/pianist.  Burle Marx was a great advocate of Villa-Lobos in America.  The Brazilian Music Collection of The University of Akron's Bierce Library contains archives donated by the Burle Marx family.

Walter had an equally famous brother, the modernist landscape architect Roberto.  He designed the gardens at the Museu Villa-Lobos.

Ballon, Ellen (1898-1954)

Canadian pianist.  A child prodigy who played for President Taft at the White House, Ballon had a long career as a concert pianist and recording artist.  In the 40's she became a close friend of Villa-Lobos.  She commissioned the first piano concerto, playing the piece at its Rio de Janeiro premiere at the Teatro Municipal on October 11, 1946. 

Ballon recorded the concerto with Ernest Ansermet and the Orchestre de la Suisse romande (London LL 77, 1949) and made a number of other Villa-Lobos piano recordings on the London label on 78's and later on LP in the 40's and 50's.  Ballon's papers (which include the manuscript of the concerto) are in the archives of the Killam Memorial Library at Dalhouse University in Nova Scotia. 

Andrade, Oswald de (1890-1954)

Oswald de Andrade was a Brazilian poet, playwright, and revolutionary.  Another of the modernists, he published his literary manifesto Pau-Brasil (Brazil Wood) in 1925.  His literary movement Antropofagia, or "Cannibalism" helped to spur on Villa-Lobos' own Indianist experiments.

Andrade, Mário de (1893-1945)

Mário de Andrade was a Brazilian poet, novelist, polemicist, folklorist, and musicologist.  An important modernist, Andrade helped organize the  Semana de Arte Moderna ("Week of Modern Art"), held in São Paulo in February 1922, at which Villa-Lobos' music made a big impression.  Villa-Lobos and de Andrade had a rather ambiguous relationship over the years.

Mário de Andrade is #40 in the list of patronos of the Academia Brasileiras de Música.  

Almeida, Irineu de (1873-1916)

Brazilian popular music composer and early friend of Villa-Lobos.  AKA Irineu Batina.  A virtuoso of that great instument, the ophicleide.


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