Béhague (1994)


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Mariz (1963)



Mariz, Vasco. 1963. Heitor Villa-Lobos; Brazilian composer. Latin American monographs, 24. Gainesville: University of Florida Press.

A condensed version in English of the author's Heitor Villa Lobos: compositor brasileiro. 

Foreword by A. Curtis Wilgus, Director, School of Inter-American Studies

Introductory Note by Gilbert Chase, Director, Interamerican Institute for Musical Research

Wright (1992)


Wright, Simon. 1992. Villa-Lobos. Oxford u.a: Oxford Univ. Press.

Gerard Behague. Reviewed work(s): Villa-Lobos by Simon Wright, Latin American Music Review / Revista de Música Latinoamericana, Vol. 14, No. 2 (Autumn - Winter, 1993), pp. 294-297 

Appleby (1988)


Appleby, David P. 1988. Heitor Villa-Lobos: a bio-bibliography. Bio-bibliographies in music, no. 9. New York: Greenwood Press.

This important work helps to nail down the most important music of Villa-Lobos.  In setting out 567 separate works, Appleby fixes many of the errors in Villa-Lobos: Sua Obra from the Museu Villa-Lobos.  Appleby assigns a "W" number to each of these works or work versions, thereby becoming Villa-Lobos's Köchel.

Peppercorn (1991)


Peppercorn (1991)Peppercorn, L. M., and Stefan de Haan. 1991. Villa-Lobos, the music: an analysis of his style. London: Kahn & Averill.



Peppercorn (1992)


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Peppercorn (1996)


Peppercorn, L. M. 1996. The world of Villa-Lobos in pictures and documents. Aldershot, England: Scolar Press.

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Tarasti (1995)


Tarasti, Eero. 1995. Heitor Villa-Lobos: the life and works, 1887-1959. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland.

The greatest single work of Villa-Lobos scholarship.

Appleby (2002)


Appleby, David P.  Heitor Villa-Lobos: A Life (1887-1959), Scarecrow Press, 2002.

A well-researched, well-written new biography of Villa-Lobos.

This 2002 biography from Scarecrow Press was a welcome arrival.  David Appleby's overview of an extraordinary life is the result of solid scholarship, though the end result is not as exuberant as its subject.  Appleby's examination of VL manuscript letters pays off in some new insights. 

This fuller work updates Appleby's 1992 work in the Oxford Studies in Composers series from OUP.



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