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Villa-Lobos at the TV Cultura Website

There are great resources available at the Villa-Lobos section of the TV Cultura website , undertaken during the run-up to the 50th Anniversary of Villa's death on November 17, 2009.

The site includes videos from TV Cultura programs from 2009 and in the past.  One of the highlights is this 2005 video of Cristina Ortiz performing Choros #11 with John Neschling conducting the OSESP.

There is also some really interesting streaming audio from a number of really interesting albums:


CPFL Cultura 50 anos sem Villa-Lobos

The CPFL Cultura site has a special Villa-Lobos 50th Anniversary feature that includes a number of really interesting projects.  The site includes descriptions, photos, and MP3 audio of concerts.  Projects include:


Simpósio Internacional Heitor Villa-Lobos (2009)

Villa-Lobos Simposio While Cariocas will be busy all November at the 47th Festival Villa-Lobos, Paulistas will have their chance to delve into Villa's life and music at the International Villa-Lobos Symposium organized by the Music Department of the University of Sao Paulo, the Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros, and the USP Orchestra.

The event takes place from November 16-21. 



Classical Connect - Heitor Villa-Lobos

There are a few tracks of Villa-Lobos music at Classical Connect, which offers free streaming audio of classical music.



A superb website about the great choroes musician Pixinguinha (1898-1973).



BRAVIO is the Associação Brasiliense de Violão, the Guitar Society of Brasilia.  Their website includes information on upcoming concerts, information on projects of the Society, and links to musician sites.  Guitarist Alvaro Henrique is the secretary of the Society.  There's also a BRAVIO blog.


Rio International Cello Encounter


The 15th annual Rio International Cello Encounter begins this weekend (August 9-24, 2009).   As always with this important festival organized by the great cellist David Chew, Villa-Lobos is a featured composer.  But in this Ano Villa-Lobos there are more performances than ever of his music.


Villa-Lobos NOT Heitor: Villalobos & Villa-Lobos on the Web

I'm well into my second decade of searching for Villa-Lobos mentions on the web, so I've learned a lot about all the other Villaloboses that are out there.  Here are some "false positives": the non-Heitor Villa-Lobos web world.

Ricardo Villalobos: the Chilean techno music star.

Dado Villa-Lobos: guitarist who was once a member of the rock band Legião Urbana.

Shopping Villa-Lobos: a shopping centre in Rio de Janeiro.  Often referred to as simply "Villa-Lobos".  The centre paid homage to its namesake in the Ano Villa-Lobos by hosting the exhibition "Villa-Lobos: Uma vida em Sete Notas".


Books by Prof. Ermelinda Paz

Two important Villa-Lobos resources are available for download in PDF format from Prof. Ermelinda Azevedo Paz Zanini:


Heitor Villa-Lobos: the Brazilian Bach (Gringoes)

Joe Lopes writes about music for the excellent website Gringoes.  His five-part article from 2007, Heitor Villa-Lobos: the Brazilian Bach, provides an excellent summary of the life and works, with many original observations that come from an encyclopedic knowledge of classical music, opera, and the popular music of Brazil.

The indexing of Gringoes isn't great, so here are the five parts of Lopes' essay:



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