Songs of the Tropical Forest


From the music for the MGM film Green Mansions, published as Forest of the Amazon.

Guia Pratico, albums 1-11


Eleven albums of music for piano, based on popular songs. Albums #1-7 and #10 were written in 1932; #11 was written in 1947.

Caixinha de musica quebrada


Caixinha de musica quebrada = The broken little music box

Prof. Tarasti tells this story about the piece:

"... on a train bound for Sorocabana, in the oppressive tropical heat, Joao Souza Lima suggested that Villa-Lobos compose something for him sometime.  The composer immediately took out some paper and between two stations wrote the piano piece Caixinha de musica quebrada, dedicating it to the pianist."

Tarasti (1995), p. 56

Na Bahia tem (male chorus)


There are three versions of this piece by Villa-Lobos:

  • W297 for Band
  • W581 for four-part male chorus
  • W582 for chorus and band

Poema de palavras


Words by Dora Vasconcellos: "Historietas", and dedicated to Mindinha.

Written in 1957-58, originally for voice & piano (W541), but adapted for voice & orchestra (W542).

Epigrammas Ironicas E Sentimentais


Written in Rio in 1921 for voice & piano (W183), and later arranged for voice & orchestra (W173)

  • Eis a Vida (Voila la vie)
  • Inutil Epigrama
  • Sonho de uma noite de verao
  • Epigrama
  • Perversidade
  • Pudor
  • Imagem
  • Verdade (como opera lirica) 

These important songs are based on the poetry of the noted Brazilian poet and modernist Ronald de Carvalho, who was admired by the Futurist Marinetti.



According to Appleby (1988), these songs were written for voice & piano in 1912 and 1917 (W056), and later orchestrated by the composer (W057).  But Villa-Lobos: Sua Obra (1989) has different composition dates, which are included below:

Simples, Mazurka


Simples, Mazurka for guitar

O gato e o rato


A piece from a lost piano suite (das Fábulas características).


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