Ibericarabe (piano)


Appleby includes an orchestral version (W077) in his catalogue, and says the piano piece (W077) is a transcription by the composer.  I'm not aware of any performances, or of a recording, of the orchestral version.

Francette et Pià (Piano)


The first nine movements of this suite are for solo piano.  The tenth is for piano four hands.

Villa-Lobos orchestrated the work in 1958 (W552).

  1. Pia est venu en France
  2. Pia a vu Francette
  3. Pia a parlé à Francette 
  4. Pia et Francette jouent ensemble
  5. Francette est fâchée
  6. Pia est parti pour la guerre
  7. Francette est triste
  8. Pia revient de la guerre
  9. Francette est contente
  10. Francette et Pia jouent pour toujours

Sul America


Sul America was commissioned by La Prensa, the Buenos Aires newspaper.

New York Skyline


New York Skyline exists in two versions: the original for piano (W407), and a version for orchestra (W408).

Fred Flaxman included New York Skyline in his Compact Discoveries radio program #83, "New York, New York":

Choros #14 (score lost)


The score for Choros #14 is lost.

See the article on Lost Scores.

However, it seems like this did in fact once exist.  Vasco Mariz discusses it (p. 38-9):

Choros #13 (score lost)


The score to Choros #13 is lost.

See the article on Lost Scores

However, it seems like this did in fact once exist.  Vasco Mariz discusses it (p. 38):

Choros #03


The third work in the Choros series is subtitled "Pica-Pau" [woodpecker].

"Dedicated to the sonorous atmosphere of the primitive music of the aborigines of the states of Matto Grosso and Goias." - HVL

Villa-Lobos also dedicated the work to Oswald de Andrade (1890-1954) - one of Brazil's greatest writers - and his wife, painter Tarsila do Amaral (1897-1973.)

Descobrimento do Brasil = Discovery of Brazil


Descobrimento do Brasil - "Discovery of Brazil".  The four suites are made up of music Villa-Lobos wrote for Humberto Mauro's classic film.

David Appleby gives each of the four suites a separate "W" catalogue number:

  1. W377
  2. W378
  3. W379
  4. W380

See this post on Descombrimento do Brasil in The Villa-Lobos Magazine.  It includes video from Mauro's film.

Suite #1

Sonata for violin and piano no. 3


The third violin sonata is certainly a much more mature and characteristic work than the first two, but it is less frequently performed and recorded. 

This recent thesis has the third violin sonata as its subject:

  • Fernandes, Rommel. 2007. Heitor Villa-Lobos: third sonata for violin and piano. Thesis (D. Music)--Northwestern University, 2007. 

And other relevant theses:

Sonate-fantaisie no. 2 for violin and piano


Sonate-fantaisie no. 2 for violin and piano

This was one of the works featured in the 1922 Semana de Arte Moderna.

Thesis: De Mattos, Alysio. 1993. The sonatas for violin and piano of Heitor Villa-Lobos. Thesis (Mus. D.)--Florida State University, 1993.


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