Verde velhice


The divertimento for orchestra Verde velhice is a work I haven't come across on record or in performance notes.  According to Appleby (1988), it was dedicated to Counsellor Antonio Prado, and premiered in Sao Paulo, with Villa-Lobos conducting, in 1926.

Brasil novo


Brasil Novo: hymno revolucionario

Villa-Lobos wrote the words under the pseudonym Ze Povo (not his usual Villalba Filho alias).

Poema umido (lost score)


Appleby (1988) lists this work as W179, and includes the following movement names:

  • Pingos d'agua
  • Gotas de lagrimas
  • Brilhantes de orvalho

However, it shows up in the list of lost scores.  As well, Sonia Rubinsky didn't include this work in her complete Naxos series.  Considering how careful Rubinsky was to include every published work and unkown works from the Museu Villa-Lobos, for now at least we'll have to consider this well and truly lost.

Malazarte, opera in 3 acts (lost score)


The opera in three acts Malazarte is listed by Appleby (1988) as W177, but it shows up as a lost work in other references.  Apparently the libretto was by Craca Aranha.

Canções típicas brasileiras = Chansons typiques brésiliennes


Poetry by Mário de Andrade and Catullo da Paixão Cearense.  Dedicated to Elsie Houston.

Marquesa de Santos


A suite taken from incidental music for the play by Viriato Correa.  Originally written for orchestra, and adapted for piano.

  • Lundu
  • Valsinha brasileira
  • Gavota-choro

The Lundu is often presented on its own, in various arrangements.

Voz do povo


Poem by Epaminondas Villalba Filho (Villa's pseudonym)

Uirapuru (Choral Version)


Villa-Lobos arranged his 1917 orchestral masterpiece for mixed a cappella chorus in 1944.  I haven't seen a recording or a note of any performances.

Canções de Cordialidade


Canções de Cordialidade

These five songs of celebration were based on poems by Manuel Bandeira:

  1. Feliz aniversario (Happy Birthday)
  2. Boas festas (Best Wishes)
  3. Feliz natal (Happy Christmas)
  4. Feliz ano novo (Happy New Year)
  5. Boas vindas (Welcome)

The a cappella group Madrigal InCanto sing Feliz Natal, at a November 2009 concert.


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