Valsa da Dor

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This short waltz for piano was written in the salon style so familiar to Villa-Lobos from Brazilian composers of the turn of the century.  The piece has become a concert and recording favourite, and is featured in the film Villa-Lobos: Uma Vida de Paixao.

In this video, pianist Paulo Brasil plays Valsa da Dor:

Listen to Mirabela Dina play Valsa da Dor at the Progetto Martha Argerich site.

Dedicated to Julieta d'Almeida Strutt.


Solo piano


Villa-Lobos, Heitor. 1972. Valsa da dor (Valse de la douleur), pour piano (Œuvre posthume). Paris: Éditions M. Eschig.


Premiere performance: 27.11.1939, Rio de Janeiro, José Vieiro Brandão.There are 39 performances of this work in the Villa-Lobos Concerts database (July 2010).

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