Navigating the Villa-sphere


It occurs to me that there's a lot of Villa-Lobos activity going on lately that originates here in sunny Red Deer, Alberta. So I thought I'd provide a quick overview of the mandate of each of my Villa-Lobos sites:

  • The Heitor Villa-Lobos Website is the mother ship, established in 1995. It's designed to be a repository of information about the life and music of Heitor Villa-Lobos. So we start with a list of works, a basic biography, and references to books, articles and websites. I'm using Drupal - an open source content management system - to manage the website. So watch for Drupal modules such as the newsfeed aggregator to add functionality to the site. Drupal also acts as a sandbox for new projects, widgets and Web 2.0 stuff: the Amazon aStore, and others to come. The focus on the main site will be to standardize formats, and add more and more content. The site will basically be a collection of small databases: years in the life of Villa-Lobos (Timeline), books, theses, recordings, reviews, articles, important people in VL's life, concerts , and others that come up.
  • The Villa-Lobos Magazine is a blog that began in November 2001. It started as a replacement for the original What's New page, and for a number of years took over from the main site in terms of new content. The plan for the Magazine is to focus on important Villa-Lobos stories, both on the web and in the Real World.
  • Tumbling Villa-Lobos has been around since spring of 2007. It's a lighter look at Villa-Lobos on the web - the focus is on serendipity. It's amazing what one tumbles across on the web.
  • The Villa-Lobos Twitter feed is the latest web bit that's been added to Villa-Lobos stable - microblogging Villa-Lobos.  It's turning into a great way to promote Villa-Lobos around the world and to learn about Villa-Lobos-related news.

Keep watching this page!